Adding a minor to your major in Human Development and Family Studies will provide you additional expertise in an area that you find interesting. A minor can assist you in demonstrating your interests and abilities to potential employers or when applying to graduate school.

Human Development and Family Studies majors may declare minors in any area that interests them. Below are some minors Human Development and Family Studies majors have enjoyed in the past.

To declare a minor, complete the Major/Minor Request Form.

Visit the UNC Greensboro Catalog to learn more about these minors and to confirm current requirements.

Minor (catalog link )DescriptionCredits
African American and African Diaspora StudiesThis minor provides an opportunity to study the cultures, histories, and experiences of the African World – from Africa, to the Americas, the Caribbean, and the Indian Ocean.18
Forced Migration and Resettlement Studies Undergraduate MinorIn this minor, students learn about the reasons for and experiences of forced migration and resettlement, engage with forcibly displaced individuals in our local community, and complete a practicum that will allow them to immerse themselves in refugee/migrant/asylum seeker support history, networks, and service-providers as well as engage in the work of promoting access and integration for refugees through community engaged learning, service, and research.15
GerontologyThe Gerontology minor is designed for undergraduates with any major who are interested in a career in aging or personally interested in the topic. This minor should be of special interest to undergraduates who are planning to pursue careers in the allied health fields, with businesses or non-profits providing services or products to older adults and their families, or after attending graduate school, as researchers focused on aging and older adults.12
NutritionThis minor focuses on the translation and application of scientific principles of human nutrition.15
Peace and Conflict StudiesStudents in this minor learn about human interaction which aims towards the understanding of conflict and the assistance of communities to realize the development of peace and justice.15
PsychologyThis minor focuses on understanding human behavior, thinking, and emotions, including development, cognition, how others affect us, and mental disorders. HDFS students might particularly be interested in developmental psychology offerings.18
Social WorkA minor in social work will orient students to social work values and ethics and help prepare students for an advanced degree in social work.15
SociologyThis minor provides for a multidimensional understanding of an unlimited number of subjects in society including crime, social & criminal justice, family, gender, race & ethnicity, class, natural and man-made disasters, music, social inequality, housing & communities, immigration, the environment, globalization, social movements and education.15
Sport CoachingThis minor focuses on learning the profession of sport coaching including the nature of the profession, qualifications, skills, and issues relative to coaching in community, youth sport, and interscholastic sport activities. Students will culminate their minor experience with opportunities to assume various responsibilities in selected sports under the guidance of qualified coaches.19