Chen, Yu

Posted on July 26, 2023

Yu Chen

Yu Chen

B.S., Applied Psychology (2019), Beijing Forestry University

M.A., Mental Health Education (2021), Beijing Normal University

Email: [email protected]

Research Experience: As a Master student, Yu investigated parental appreciation-related socialization processes and their relations with children’s development of appreciation (as an emotion) and distinguished its difference from gratitude (as a virtue). From 2021-2022, Yu worked as a Research Assistant and Research Coordinator for Dr. Nan Zhou’s Human Development and Family Studies Lab at Beijing Normal University. In this position, she analyzed quantitative data on the unidirectional and bidirectional relations between parental socialization for child appreciation and children’s appreciation. In addition, after fMRI ethics and security training, she also worked as an experimenter with experienced supervisors in the fMRI laboratory.

Research Interests: Broadly, Yu’s research interests center around children’s developmental outcomes (e.g., emotion). Yu is interested in the factors that influence children’s development and health outcomes at the individual and family level (e.g., child factors, parent factors, parent-child interactions).